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I grew up surrounded by music, so my passion for music and for the craft of instrument-making was kindled at an early age.
The path to becoming a master luthier began in the 1980s and first led me to guitar making, which I learned in Markneunkirchen, the main town in the Vogtland region of Germany. For centuries, Markneunkirchen has been one of the handful of important locations for instrument making worldwide.

At the beginning of the 1990s the switch to violin making took place in the Franconian town of Bubenreuth – another “Instrument-making metropolis” with global appeal. After ten years of experience in various positions – including responsibility for tone-wood purchasing – I began a joint business with a partner at the Bubenreuth location in 2001 before receiving my master certification in 2004. 2019 saw the move to neighbouring Baiersdorf and into a much larger workshop and studio.


Working locally
to create sounds globally

Every violin, viola and cello is conceived and built or refined by my own hands. In the process, I am driven by a fascination for craftsmanship, enthusiasm for tonewood, humility before the technique and finesse of old and new masters, and the motivation to always do it a little better.
I am grateful to be able to carry precision, reliability, responsibility, sustainability and unique sounds to every corner of the world with the »Made in Germany« seal of quality.

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Customized instruments for individual requirements

For musicians, there is nothing more beautiful than playing an instrument which
built or adapted exactly for their individual needs, preferences and requirements. For me, there is nothing more challenging than fulfilling these wishes.
In addition to individually crafted one-of-a-kind pieces, I also offer a fine selection of
established models.



Models by Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu and other classical masters serve as models for the “HAGEN WEISE” models with preference. However, the individual sound with response, power and modulation ability of the instrument are influenced by each individual piece of wood, by shaping the various material thicknesses and curvatures. Nuances in the range of a 10th of a millimeter can make a crucial difference here.


The perfect sound of each instrument is created by the perfect interaction of all components. That’s why I pay the utmost attention to the setup with soundpost, bridge, tailpiece with strings and chinrest. These details have a significant affect in creating the perfect sound for your instrument.


Against the background of the overuse of tropical woods, I work with regional alternatives from Swiss tonewood specialist Sonowood on request for fingerboard and fittings.
The regional woods, which are highly compressed in a special process, are more than a match for the classic woods used for these components, such as ebony or rosewood.


Partner for consulting, purchase and service

Advice, purchase, service and repair of an instrument are no less demanding for me than the production itself. That’s why, in addition to my own showroom in Baiersdorf/Bavaria, I have a network of accomplished professionals who represent my instruments all over the world.


The showroom directly in the workshop

In order to provide the perfect stage for our customers and those who would like to become one, we have set up a showroom directly in the “HAGEN WEISE” workshop.

We, Armin Hanika, are one of the leading manufacturers of concert guitars (www.hanika.de), also based in the small Franconian town of Baiersdorf and “HAGEN WEISE”.

We hereby present a comprehensive selection of top-class concert guitars, violins, violas and cellos from master makers. Play your desired instruments live, compare or compose your individual desired instrument directly with the master.

We will always devote a lot of time to you and therefore ask you to arrange an
individual appointment.

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